Good Morning, To Whom it May Concern

A few months ago, the brand of dog food that I've originally fed my 3 dogs were taken off the shelves for some or other safety precaution. This is when I started noticing that my dog's hair was dry, knotty and falling out profusely (she is a chow cross, very thick coat, about 7yrs old).

I wasn't sure what to feed them anymore, as the specific brand was more affordable than most, and could suit my pocket perfectly. Then in mid July, my mom came home with this 25kg bag of dog food that I've never heard of or seen before, Max Munchies. I was very sceptical about feeding my dogs this brand as it is not that well known to me. I have to say that since my dogs have been eating Max Munchies I can see a very noticeable difference. My Chow cross now has a glossy coat and it looks as if the hair is back to its usual volume. She seems more energetic and alert. My 10yr old Jack Russel, who is usually very calm and not playful at all and also very thin, has now gotten a boost to her personality. She plays with the other dogs and she has a muscular build, and one can no longer see her entire ribcage! The same change applies to my Morkie, who is normally very playful and energetic, but I noticed that his coat is so much better and they do not have bad breath. They also do not need to eat as much, as often as they used to. All these improvements were visible after just 1 bag. I've just purchased another 25kg bag this weekend, and I think this is the brand I'm sticking with. Nutritious and even better priced!

People are quick to complain about products, so I decided to do the opposite and give credit where it is due. Thank you for the good quality of your products, and may your brand grow from strength to strength.

Here's to many more 25kg bags of Max Munchies!

Kind Regards,

January 2013

Enthooz Magazine

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In 2013 Max Munchies introduced a Cat food range with the same quality as all their products.  The formulation were developed by a registered Veterinarian Dietician, keeping the same concept and qualities in mind that there is no colourants and flavour-ants introduced into the produce.

January 2001


Max Munchies was established in 2001 by Mnr. W. Wasmuth and Mr. B. Benecke that worked for the police dog unit and a business renting out dogs to the private security sector.

February 2007

Mr. D. Roux

In 2007, Februarie Mr. D. Roux took over the business and started with a whole new concept, great quality dog food at the lowest prices.

November 2010

Company Growth

Nov in 2010 the company has growen more than 150% and is starting to list itself with all the retailers in South Africa.