Dear Customer We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our excellent dog food called “ MAX MUNCHIES South African produced product.

MAX MUNCHIES is manufactured from excellent quality ingredients. This ensures that the food tastes great. Essential fatty acids help maintain immunity. Fatty acids balanced for a healthy, glossy coat.

Vitamin E, Vitamin C & Selenium are anti-oxidants which help improve immunity and longevity. Vitamin B supports liver function. All the right minerals for a strong skeleton structure. Enriched with Vitamins to improve senses. Scientifically formulated Amino Acid composition for muscle development and maintenance of body function.

Our product range consists of the following: MAX MUNCHIES Suitable for adult and active dogs as well as late pregnant and lactating bitches. Available. MAX MUNCHIES Junior. WILL BE ON THE MARKET SOON Kindly allow me the opportunity to introduce the product to you with samples.

January 2013

Enthooz Magazine

Enthooz Magazine did a full article click to view...

In 2013 Max Munchies introduced a Cat food range with the same quality as all their products.  The formulation were developed by a registered Veterinarian Dietician, keeping the same concept and qualities in mind that there is no colourants and flavour-ants introduced into the produce.

January 2001


Max Munchies was established in 2001 by Mnr. W. Wasmuth and Mr. B. Benecke that worked for the police dog unit and a business renting out dogs to the private security sector.

February 2007

Mr. D. Roux

In 2007, Februarie Mr. D. Roux took over the business and started with a whole new concept, great quality dog food at the lowest prices.

November 2010

Company Growth

Nov in 2010 the company has growen more than 150% and is starting to list itself with all the retailers in South Africa.